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September 2022

Dear Salt Creek Families,

We had a successful and amazing start to our 2022-23 School Year! Thank you to all our Parent Volunteers who attended our Volunteer Orientation or viewed our video as a Virtual Option.

We are looking forward to a successful September !  Please see below for upcoming events:
 PTG September Calendar At a Glance PTG September Calendar At A Glance.pdf

We have September events planned at Salt Creek. We are attaching a calendar with upcoming events including the following:

September 8:    School Site Council Meeting @ 3:15

September 12: Safety Committee Meeting @3:15

September 14: ELAC Meeting @ 8:30

September 15-22 Parent Conferences- Minimum Days

September 19-23 Book Fair

September 26-Oct 7 Fall Break

School Site Council Meeting :


We will have a School Site Council Meeting this Thursday, September 8th from 3:15-4:15 p.m. via Microsoft Teams. A link to our meeting is below. 


Link to SSC Meeting:


Book Fair:

Get Ready! The Scholastic Book Fair is coming our way to Salt Creek. Choosing their own books empowers kids and inspires them to become Bolder, Prouder, and Stronger Readers. AND—as always—every book they buy earns rewards for our school.   

Our Book Fair will take place from Monday, September 19th to Friday, September 23rd in the MPR. The book fair will be open before and after school. Students will also have a chance to visit the book fair with their class. 

We will need lots of volunteers to help make our book fair a success. You may sign up to volunteer online:


Traffic Safety- Please do not park in RED

As a reminder, we are not allowed to park on RED. Please do not leave vehicles unattended on the curb as you pick up your child. At Salt Creek Elementary School we have traffic rules that must be followed to support student and school safety. Please use the crosswalk in front of the school when entering campus. This crosswalk must be used. Please allow plenty of time to find a parking space prior to picking up your child at dismissal. Thank you for your patience and grace. 

Lost and Found

Missing a lunch box or jacket? Our lost and found is located in front of our Multi-Purpose Room/Auditorium. Please stop by during morning ingress or afternoon dismissal to retrieve items that may belong to your children. 

Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at saltcreekmountainlions and onPTBoard:

Gloria Velarde

[email protected]


¡Buenas tardes Salt Creek Mountain Lions!

Estimadas familias de Salt Creek,
¡Tuvimos un comienzo exitoso para nuestro año escolar 2022-23! Gracias a todos nuestros padres voluntarios que asistieron a nuestra orientación para voluntarios o vieron nuestro video como una opción virtual.
Consulte a continuación los próximos eventos:

Calendario de septiembre de PTG de un vistazo: PTG September Calendar At A Glance.pdf

Tenemos increíbles eventos planeados para el mes de septiembre en Salt Creek. Adjuntamos un calendario con los próximos eventos que incluyen lo siguiente: 

8 de septiembre: Reunión del Consejo Escolar a las 3:15

12 de septiembre: Reunión del Comité de Seguridad a las 3:15

14 de septiembre: Reunión de ELAC a las 8:30

15-22 de septiembre: Conferencias de padres - Días mínimos

19-23 de septiembre: Feria del Libro

26 de septiembre-7 de octubre Vacaciones de otoño

Reunión del consejo del sitio escolar :

Tendremos una reunión del consejo del sitio escolar este jueves 8 de septiembre de 3:15 a 4:15 p.m. a través de los equipos de Microsoft. Un enlace a nuestra reunión está abajo.

Enlace a la reunión del SSC:


Feria del Libro:

¡Prepararse! La Feria del Libro Scholastic se acerca a Salt Creek. Elegir sus propios libros empodera a los niños y los inspira a convertirse en lectores más audaces, orgullosos y fuertes. Y, como siempre, cada libro que compran gana recompensas para nuestra escuela.

Nuestra Feria del Libro se llevará a cabo del lunes 19 al viernes 23 de septiembre en el auditoria de la escuela. La feria del libro estará abierta antes y después de la escuela. Los estudiantes también tendrán la oportunidad de visitar la feria del libro con su clase.

Necesitaremos muchos voluntarios para ayudar a que nuestra feria del libro sea un éxito. Puede registrarse para ser voluntario en línea:


 Seguridad de Trafico: No podemos estacionarnos en ROJO.

Como recordatorio, no podemos estacionarnos en ROJO. Use el cruce de peatones frente a la escuela al ingresar al campus. Por favor, no deje vehículos desatendidos en la acera mientras recoge a su hijo .En la Escuela Primaria Salt Creek tenemos reglas de tránsito que se deben seguir para apoyar la seguridad de los estudiantes y la escuela.. Este paso de peatones debe ser utilizado. Permita suficiente tiempo para encontrar un espacio de estacionamiento antes de recoger a su hijo a la hora de la salida. Gracias por su paciencia y gracia.

Objetos perdidos

¿Le falta una lonchera o una chaqueta? Nuestra área de Objetos perdidos se encuentra frente a nuestro salón de usos múltiples/auditorio. Pase durante la entrada de la mañana o la salida de la tarde para recuperar artículos que puedan pertenecer a sus hijos.


No olviden seguirnos en Instagram en saltcreekmountainlions y en



Gloria Velarde

[email protected]

Our Mission

Our mission at Salt Creek is to create confident college and career ready leaders who apply learned skills to real-life situations. They are innovative and critical thinkers, effective communicators, and collaborative learners. Students are self-evaluators who have the skills to adapt to the diverse world around them. They are respectful and responsible citizens in the community.

Our Vision

Salt Creek Elementary School shares the district's vision for our local learning community. Salt Creek is committed to providing a safe, challenging, and nurturing environment for all of our children. Our children are creative-thinking, high-achievers, confident in their own abilities. They are committed to life long learning and responsible citizenship. They are unique individuals who take pride in developing their own full potential. Our diversity gives us strength and promotes equity for all. Our learning environment is based on high expectations and clear standards. Families, school, and community work together to benefit all children which fosters respect for one another.

We embrace a rapidly changing world and look to our community and district for support. Students are provided the tools and strategies to become self-sufficient and technologically proficient, accessing information from all over the world. Students are motivated to meet high academic standards, which include art, drama, and physical fitness. Students appreciate all cultures and languages and do not take note of individuals' economic status.

We look forward to the future with hope and confidence.