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Salt Creek Families,
Welcome to the 2021-22 school year!  I hope your family is enjoying a wonderful, safe, and relaxing summer break.  My name is Chris Houck, and I am honored and blessed to serve as your new Principal at Salt Creek Elementary School.  As you know, Salt Creek has a tremendous reputation as a school of excellence, and with only being here for a few short weeks, I can instantly sense an electric and unique energy that makes this school special.  I truly look forward to connecting with our families in person, and building genuine relationships with our children very soon.  As a school community, we have such an exciting opportunity this year to join hands in bringing our school back to a sense of normalcy and provide a positive educational experience our kids will never forget.  I am extremely excited to team with you, engage you, hear you, collaborate with you, and serve you in the years ahead.

Some of my previous experience working in elementary schools includes serving as an instructional aide within San Diego Unified, a primary and upper grade teacher within National School District, the associate principal at Vista Square Elementary School, and the principal at Kellogg Elementary School within CVESD.  I have been extremely fortunate to gain a wide range of experiences at elementary schools within a variety of school districts at the classified, certificated, and administrative level.

Perhaps some of the most essential experience I bring with me is being the proud father of three young children ages seven, four, and two.  I look forward to sharing more about my family and we are elated to be a part of this community.  I see it as such an exciting time to walk with you stride in stride as a fellow parent of elementary school children for years to come.  I understand there is nothing closer to our hearts than our children, and I look forward to supporting your children as if they were my own.  Thank you for your trust with your most prized possessions, and please rest assured that we take our responsibilities as educators of your children with the utmost responsibility.

As a fellow parent, I can empathize with the bizarre, unique, ever changing, and challenging experiences that we have endured through the past year and a half.  The impacts of school operations alone over the pandemic have impacted us all, including our kids.  Looking forward, I see this as a year of opportunity for hope, unity, and community like we have never experienced before.  Let’s bring upon us all the golden age of Salt Creek Elementary!  I am hungry for it, hope you are as well, and I look forward to joining you on this special journey ahead.

I recognize there are many questions about the upcoming school year.  I look forward to answering these many questions in a coming email that will be sent this Wednesday afternoon.  For now, please mark your calendars for our first day of school on Wednesday, July 21stStay tuned for more detailed information to come.  Thank you in advance for your teamwork, support, and continued flexibility.  Bridging back to normal will be a process, but is one we will accomplish successfully as a TEAM!

With gratitude,
Chris Houck



Our Mission

Our mission at Salt Creek is to create confident college and career ready leaders who apply learned skills to real-life situations. They are innovative and critical thinkers, effective communicators, and collaborative learners. Students are self-evaluators who have the skills to adapt to the diverse world around them. They are respectful and responsible citizens in the community.

Our Vision

Salt Creek Elementary School shares the district's vision for our local learning community. Salt Creek is committed to providing a safe, challenging, and nurturing environment for all of our children. Our children are creative-thinking, high-achievers, confident in their own abilities. They are committed to life long learning and responsible citizenship. They are unique individuals who take pride in developing their own full potential. Our diversity gives us strength and promotes equity for all. Our learning environment is based on high expectations and clear standards. Families, school, and community work together to benefit all children which fosters respect for one another.

We embrace a rapidly changing world and look to our community and district for support. Students are provided the tools and strategies to become self-sufficient and technologically proficient, accessing information from all over the world. Students are motivated to meet high academic standards, which include art, drama, and physical fitness. Students appreciate all cultures and languages and do not take note of individuals' economic status.

We look forward to the future with hope and confidence.